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The arthritis diet targets certain “food groups” that fight inflammation and other foods that set off the inflammatory response within the body.  It is best to approach this diet with optimism and approach it with a thorough understanding that it is a diet “…for life.” 

To begin, in order to identify food groups that you may be sensitive to, foods that may be producing painful inflammation every time you eat them, you must first purge your system of them.  These are foods listed in the lower half of the “Arthritis Diet for Life.”  Avoid these for one month.  During this time, educate yourself by looking at the labels of everything you put into your grocery cart.  After one month, you may actually find yourself feeling more comfortable and, while not the objective, a few pounds lighter!  Next, slowly start adding each food group back into your diet one at a time.  If you are sensitive to any of these foods, you might start noticing joint pain/aching usually within an hour of eating them.  If so, this should be your warning to avoid that “food group” in the future.  Why?  Every time you eat of it, you are flaring-up your joint or other body part without realizing it.  Remember, this is “a diet for life.”  If you eat it, know that it can cause pain.  At the same time, the resulting inflammation can result in “joint degeneration,” which is another term for “osteoarthritis.”

Regarding the foods contained in the upper half of the diet, you will want to consume these on a daily basis, unless contraindicated for other health reasons (…diabetes, medications, allergies, etc.).  These food groups/supplements actually help to decrease inflammation from joints & other body tissues (…heart, lungs, blood vessels, etc.).  Try to substitute these foods for the others that “flare-you-up!”  (For example, drink soy milk instead of cow’s milk; eat Ezekiel Bread in the freezer section of Publix, instead of whole wheat breads, etc.).  The goal is to live your life pain free.  Bon Appetite!   (Regarding the Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, it can be purchased from most Health Food stores or visit: and/or other “like” websites.)

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